A big city like Århus, of course, has many cultural offers.

A visit to the Old Town is like entering a Danish market town in the 16-1800s. Buildings, homes, shops, workshops and all fixtures have been carefully moved to the museum from all parts of the country. The workshops function as in the old days, thus becoming a living picture of an era that once was.

At the Aros Art Museum there are changing exhibits that fascinate, inspire and provoke. In addition, the museum has impressive collections of Danish art through 300 years and modern international art.

In the music theatre there are theatre and music performances. The repertoire covers a wide range of classical dance and music to modern and experimental steps and tones.

Midway between Århus and Saksild Strand Camping lies Moesgaard Museum, where there is focus on Ancient and Viking times. The more than 2000 year old Grauballemand is exhibited here.

Beach & Harbour environment

The countryside around Saksild Strand Camping is unique. Most prominent, however, is Kattegat. From the campsite there is a direct view of the ocean. The kilometers of white, sandy beaches have been voted some of the country’s most child-friendly and, of course, has the Blue Flag as a guarantee of clean water and good conditions.

On a hot summer day, there is almost a southern feeling with sunbathing children and adults, and especially water-lovers of all ages, who indulge in a multitude of sports and water activities.

There is certainly something to do on a windy, grey day. A long stroll on the beach where you can fill your pockets with beautiful shells and stones is one of the possibilities. Or you can immerse yourself in the magnificent view of Tunø and Samsø and find peace in both body and soul.

The area around Saksild Strand Camping is also worth exploring. There are less than 10 kilometers to the cozy harbour communities in Hou and Norsminde. Both places have large marinas and good opportunities for visiting cafes and restaurants. In addition, there are good swimming possibilities – or you can try your luck as anglers.


In the “hinterland” to Saksild Strand Camping lies the lush and gentle East Jutland. Small roads flow through large birch forests and open fields. Along the way you can visit the area’s many farm shops and producers of local specialties. Eight of them have joined the butterfly network and they offer Wine, freshly ground flour, meat and cold cuts from pigs, cattle and goats and fruit and vegetables. Cafes have been established on several farms, so the delicacies can be enjoyed on site.

The City Life

25 kilometers north of Saksild Strand Camping is Denmark’s second largest city, Århus. Here you can enjoy all the facets of the city life.

Along the river, running through the city is a wealth of restaurants, bars and cafes. Most have outdoor dining and offer everything from a cup of coffee to large menus with exquisite wines. There is a constant stream of people and life around the clock.

Just around the corner are the pedestrian streets with all the well-known brand stores and department stores. In the small side streets, the specialty stores are like beads on a string. There are many opportunities for shopping in Århus.

Amusement Parks

Legoland in Billund is just an hour and a half drive from Saksild Strand Camping, and hardly needs any further presentation. Legoland’s nearest neighbor is Lalandia, known for its huge water park and many other family-friendly activities. Lalandia is also open to guests who do not live in the area.

Djurs Sommerland offers a wonderful family trip. Here you will find, among other things Wild roller coasters and a large water park. In short, rides for big and small daredevils and water lovers. Djurs Sommerland can be reached by car from Saksild Strand Camping in about an hour.