En af Danmarks bedste og mest børnevenlige strande Saksild Strand Aarhus 25 km nord for Saksild Strand Camping kan du opleve
Danmarks 2. største by.
Aros Gå en tur på toppen af Aarhus i regnbuens farver.


When you are on a camping holiday, it is always nice to get out and experience a little different in the local area. On this page, you can read about some of the most famous sight-seeing and exciting activities that are near Saksild Strand Camping in Odder, where you can find something for both children and adults.


In the middle between Aarhus and Saksild is Moesgaard Museum, where the focus is on, among other things, antiquity and the Viking Age. Here, as a guest, you get up close to both the people of the past and the present through scenographed and dramatized narratives. This is also where the more than 2000-year-old Grauballemand is exhibited.

At Kunstmuseet AROS, there are changing exhibitions that fascinate, inspire and provoke. In addition, the museum has significant collections of both Danish and international art over 300 years old. Also visit the museum's creative studios, where children can join forces to try their hand at artistic processes and different materials. AROS offers very different exciting art and various activities that are definitely worth a visit.
Aarhus - the city of happiness :)

If you are looking to explore a bit of city life, you should head to Denmark's second largest city, Aarhus, where you have the opportunity to enjoy all facets of big city life. Along the river that runs through the middle of the city, there are a wealth of restaurants, bars and cafes. Most have outdoor dining and offer everything from a cup of coffee to large menus of fine wines. Here there is a constant stream of people and literally life around the clock. Just around the corner are the pedestrian streets with all the well-known branded stores and department stores. In the small side streets, the specialty shops lie like pearls on a string. There are all possibilities to go shop-bananas in Aarhus.

If you want to swim in Aarhus, the possibilities are also many here. Something new that has recently come to the city (in June 2018) is the harbor bath, which is a public bathing facility in the Port of Aarhus. Here there is room for a total of 650 bathing guests and various stalls around, where you can buy ice cream, hot and cold drinks as well as various food. In the summer, the place really exudes life, good atmosphere and happy days.
Beach life and Harbor environment

The nature around Saksild Strand Camping is completely unique - most striking, however, is the Kattegat. From the square there is a direct view of the sea and the kilometers of white sandy beaches have been named some of the country's most child - friendly. In addition, they naturally have the Blue Flag as a guarantee for clean water and good conditions. On a hot summer day, there is a southern atmosphere with sunbathing children and adults, and not least waterdogs of all ages, who practice all kinds of sports and activities at sea.
At Saksild Strand Camping, however, there is definitely something to catch up on on a windy grey weather day. A long walk, where the pockets are filled with beautiful beach shells and stones, is one of the options. You can also immerse yourself in the beautiful view directly to Tunø and Samsø and get peace in both body and soul.

The area around Saksild Strand Camping is also worth exploring. Here, for example, there are less than 10 kilometers to the cozy harbor environments in Hou and Norsminde < / a>. In both places there are large marinas and good opportunities to visit delicious cafes and restaurants. In addition, there are good swimming opportunities, or you can try your luck with fishing.
Behind Saksild Strand Camping is the lush and gentle East Jutland, where small roads wind through large beech forests and open fields. Along the way you can visit the area's many farm shops and producers of local specialties. Eight of them have joined forces in the network "Smørblomsten", and they offer i.a. wine, freshly ground flour, meat and cold cuts from pigs, cattle and goats as well as various fruits and vegetables. Several idyllic and cozy cafés have been established on several of the farms, so that the delicacies can be enjoyed on site.
Amusement parks

If you are on a family holiday at Saksild Strand Camping, it is almost a must to visit one of the nearby amusement parks. Legoland in Billund is located approx. an hour and a half drive from Saksild Strand Camping, and hardly needs any further presentation. Legoland's nearest neighbor is Lalandia , which is known for its huge water park and many other family-friendly activities. Lalandia is also open to non-residents.

Djurs Sommerland can be reached by car from Saksild Strand Camping in just over an hour, and here there is also a basis for a real family trip. In Djurs Sommerland, there are, among other things, wild slides and a large water park - in short, there are rides for both large and small daredevils and water dogs.
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The above were some of our ideas for what you can experience near Saksild Strand Camping. If you want something elaborated, or help with miscellaneous, you are more than welcome to contact us for further information and guidance. You can do this by either emailing info@saksild.dk or directly by phone +45 86 55 81 30.

We want to form the framework for the best possible camping holiday for you, and we would rather help you with whatever you may need. This is regardless of whether you want to elaborate on the above sights, whether you want to hear more about our different cabins, about the campsite's facilities or something else. We look forward to hearing from you!